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Models and Trends in Global Pharma Distribution

Aktualisiert: 20. Juni 2018

The key objective of all pharmaceutical companies is to ensure a reliable and safe distribution of drugs to their patients. But the pharmaceutical industry is facing an important change stage. Driven by the shift from small molecules to biologics, new therapeutic forms, and innovative distribution models, the pharma industry is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way pharma logistics is managed.

Key elements of global pharma distribution (Source: Francas et al. (2016), Pharm. Ind. 78, Nr. 9, 1270–1275)

While pharma logistics and distribution processes were traditionally perceived as pure cost drivers, the industry is now shifting from cost consciousness to value thinking. Thus, companies need to redesign their distribution networks and build patient- centric network strategies. Better synchronization with the supply chain and marketing organization as well as new value-added logistics capabilities must become key elements of future network strategies.

In a recent article we provide an overview of trends and models in global pharma distribution (see Francas, D., Müßig, R., Gmür, A. (2016): Creating value with regional logistics hubs, Pharmind 78(9), 1270-1275).

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